The Grow Your Tribe Challenge:

A 5-day challenge to help you build your next lead magnet, and attract your next 10, 100, or even 1,000 leads — with authenticity, ease and results.

Over 5 days, you’ll implement Jen Kem’s exact step-by-step formula for

  • building lead magnets
  • attracting scores of new clients, customers, and raving fans to your business
  • and the strategies that will inspire them to keep buying from you, learning from you, and spreading the word about you

Your ticket to the challenge is already waiting for you.
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Come rock with our tribe, and build your list
August 25th through August 29th

If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, or brand on a mission to…

Get your message out to the masses…
Make real money doing the work you love most — and change lives for the better, and for forever, while you do it…
And if you want to build a loyal community of customers and fans who adore you, and can’t wait to buy from you…

… There’s only 1 way to make it happen:
By building your very own fiercely loyal TRIBE.

When it comes to marketing, product building, and getting your genius out into the world, your community of readers, buyers, and fans (a.k.a. your tribe) is everything.

But how exactly should you attract that tribe?
What does it take to transform them into your very own thriving community, thousands of members strong?
From August 25th – August 29th, we’re going to help you find out.

Brand experience expert and leader of the Paid to Be You Posse, Jen Kem, will pull back the curtain on her own lead generation systems, and show YOU how to attract new readers and subscribers, and turn them into brand ambassadors, and loyal buyers (with love) – to the tune of now over 150,000 email subscribers, 10,000+ (and growing) Facebook group members and lead magnets that convert like bananas.


Here’s how the challenge breaks down:

 Day 1: Unleash your inner leader
Day 2: Tap into Your Tribe Vibe
Day 3: Brainstorm your Big Freebie
Day 4: Master your Magnet
Day 5: Tribe Attraction 101


The goal of all this?

To show you, step-by-step, exactly how to attract your next 10, 100, and even 1,000 engaged tribe members — and keep growing.

Ready to get serious about growing your tribe?
(Or grow your existing tribe even further?)
Let’s go.


August 25th – August 29th. Each challenge will take up just 30-60 minutes of your time each day, depending on how deep you wanna dive.


Online, baby! You can rock the challenge in bed in your PJ’s, on the go on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection.


You, and thousands of like-minded digital business owners ready to take their lead generation to the next level, and create a bustling community of customers — quickly.


$0.  Because you deserve to get your message, and your mission, out into the planet in a bigger way (and make money while you do it).


Sign up above to join us for the challenge. Check your inbox because all the rules of play will be there (plus prizes too).


Step 2: Get ready to hit the ground running August 25th – August 29th (I recommend carving an hour or so each day out of your calendar to make sure you get it done).


Map out your next free offering, and step-by-step plan for attracting your next 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people to your tribe.


Launch with LOVE (and a hearty helping of strategy), and watch new, amazing people roll into your community.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your ticket to the challenge, absolutely free —
And let’s rock n’ roll to take your tribe to the next level.

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